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Once again, amazing timing. Apollo arrived at Devonridge a week after an eleven year old girl named Faith was devastated by the loss of her pony. Now Faith has given her heart to Apollo. Here they are receiving their walk-trot ribbon at the annual Devonridge Farm Horse Show.

I sent pictures of Apollo in his new life to Rachel, and she told me at first she was critical of Faith’s posture aboard Apollo, and then she looked at Apollo, and she thinks he looks proud and happy. I do too. He is in his element again, restored to the life he knew as a youth, and this time he will be treated very well.

He gets to live outside, with a little band: a mare and foal, and a few yearling geldings, all Connemaras. Jocelyn tells me “he is the king,” as well it should be.

When I think of him there, with his people, I am glad.