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For a long moment yesterday I thought Apollo would stay at Bright Star, and I did one of those hamster-wheel-in-my-head things, about was it going to be good for both of us, the new place, did I want to stay in the beautiful setting no matter what, did I vet the new place sufficiently?

So a friend and I went to the new place this morning and spent a little time and talked about it on the drive back in to town. Decided to go ahead with the move, drove back to the valley and drove up to Bright Star in the truck to bring Apollo to his new home.

Soit! as my mother used to say. I think it’s going to work out well. The place feels organized and looked after, and there is a small flock of Bantams wandering the yard. The herd is friendly and looks good.

Here is Apollo kissing up to the bossiest one, Miles.

When I asked the guy if he’d ever had a bully gelding, he said yes, and he had separated him from the herd. Good: just like a lead mare with a bully in her herd.