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Squire is well settled in Canada. He looks good, he is relaxed, and he lives at the moment in a large pasture with its own small forest, and for a herd: six mares and a yearling gelding.

When I drove up, he had just finished a lesson, had his saddle off, and when he saw me coming, he bent his head around to his side, asking for his post-work stretchy treat, as we used to do. So blasé!




Squire is in charge in his pasture, and courts each mare when she is in season. And he has a girlfriend:


This is Fiesta, his special mare. When Jocelyn moves horses around, she keeps Squire and Fiesta together.


Here are Squire and Jocelyn and one of his students, Aslihan, who was bashful to ride him in front of me. Playing soccer!

I am so happy for him, so proud of who he has become, and deeply touched by how much happiness he brings to his young riders’ lives.