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Right front

Left front

I think the rocky ground is helping Apollo’s feet. Hoof attachment is good, and there is a shiny ridge of callused sole all the way around. I also think— as I said before— that working on each foot at a minimum of once a week makes a big difference, so maybe the point of leverage for changing the overall health of horses’ feet for the better is teaching horse owners basic maintenance, because not many horse owners will want to or be able to afford weekly trims.

It is dry here again, and sole and frog are too hard for the knife. I learned from the summer to just wait it out, and take sole, bars, and frog as they offer themselves, and as opportunity presents.

The other day, in one of our frequent foot confabs, Rachel said “it’s all about breakover,” and since then I have been paying more attention to the toes. I have also started lungeing Apollo again, on the doubled over line, the heaviness of which gives a feel, and forces me to pay more attention to how I am handling the line and how I am connected to him. Good!