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The chooks are totally bored with their bailiwick. Last night when I went to tuck them in, they were still sorting thmselves out on the roosts, and were fussing and clucking at each other.

Tonight one of the girls is in a nest box, the rest on roosts. Henny Penny is always on the upper roost. And where the others seem to just rush out in the morning willy-nilly, Henny Penny takes her time, and checks the surroundings. I think of her as the lead mare, even though the others don’t seem to pay her much mind.


Here is Sooty, on the other side of the chooks’ run, and the day’s take of figs. Their run is the entire area flanking the vege garden, including the gardening shed and two of the three compost bins, to which deliciousness the chooks haul ass every morning.

Then they work their way back over the territory, and by ten or so they are ready for second breakfast.

There are a few lingering late strawberries, and I snack on them when I harvest, but most of the snacking is on the grapes. If a gentle pull is enough to make the grape let go of the stem, it will be sweet.