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The black mare, saying hello to Apollo

Second visit with Apollo since the move. Cloudy but not windy. Went out for a walk right away, which I think he wanted to do too— more reconnaissance.

I had him on the horizontal hitching post when Brian drove up. He’d left the wheelbarrow full of hay in the paddock. I wondered why that barrow was there.

He told me that when his girlfriend went up to say hello to Apollo, he flattened his ears and went as if to bite her. Got aggressive. I told Brian that was a surprise, given the horse I know. I’ve seen Apollo with a lot of people. True, though, he might not like it if someone took liberties with him before a proper hello.

Then he said he thought Apollo was ready to meet the herd, so I unhitched Apollo and walked him in, past a little gauntlet-of-one that Brian dispersed.

Apollo kept to himself, went into the back paddock, followed by the black mare, who wanted to get acquainted. I think my guy wanted to get the lay of the land first. Smartie pants.

Did the paperwork and talked about worming. Wormed Apollo. When I put the halter on him, he seemed eager, and I got the impression he would have liked to have been walked out of there and back to his paddock. Interesting: when I called Brian around seven to see how feeding went, he told me he’d put Apollo back in his pen, because Apollo was staying on the fringes, not coming around.

Good. Brian takes his caretaker role seriously and it looks like he might know what he’s doing. One of the first things he said to me was: “I take care of the horses.” Literally. How nice.