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This spider was close to three inches top to bottom, and almost too beautiful for me to be frightened.

Got back late a couple of nights ago, and had just the next day into early afternoon to get the horses ready for their trip to Texas. They left yesterday around 4.

Now I am ready to go, too, having sent one more box back to Montana. I was merciless in removing items from the onward luggage, with help from Val here in Bedlam, and a method I call “naked packing.”

The rule is to pack your bags naked so that when you are dressed, there is still a little room in your luggage. And it worked! I have never been on any trip— absent forgetting some specific and necessary item— where I ever wished I had brought more stuff, so… there.

Two more nights before the middle-of-the-night qi gong practice switches to May. Suddenly, it will be summer again, and this long-thought-of and maybe-one-day-I-will will be what did happen after all.