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Xodo, Xnobre, Arainha
Xodo, Xnobre, Arainha

I have settled into my new life in Poulsbo. My schedule is not my own, my house is not my own, my things are all in boxes 600 miles from here (and will be 15,000 miles away soon enough), and I am happy. I knew as I was packing, as I was loathe to pack away the things with which I made a home, that as soon as they were away, they would matter so much less.

Life is about the horses, Jilli’s horses in particular. They are three: Xodo, Xnobre, and Arainha, in the order their bowls are set out on the table to fill.

I have wanted to get to know a mare, and so the first week that Jilli was away, for pony time, I groomed Arainha and did a little body and energy work with her, in the cross ties. She is letting me in to her herd.

I had my first lesson with her today. The goal is liberty work. So we are starting with the basics: going back, going forward. Learning by her response to me how to be clear in what I ask. Learning to be aware of where she is and where she will go. Jilli told me that it is about where the horse’s weight is, and that Harry Whitney says that all the horse wants from us is for us to be clear about what we want from them.