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Today I brought in the Lindell, and put it on Apollo to bring him into the center alley for his hay snack. He was not nervous at all about the Lindell— something he had been back in October.

I had it in my mind that we MIGHT take a little ride.

So I dragged the high mounting block (it has four steps) from in front of Magic’s paddock over by the round pen, and after Apollo’s snack, and some grooming, got up on Apollo, and we walked the arena.

Pony ride!

I love the feel of bareback, and both of us stayed relaxed the whole time. We walked the circumference of the arena, did S’s, halted, did circles, walked over poles, worked on backing up.

Tonight, replaying the ride, my mind went back to watching one-eyed Bonnie ride Brick bareback in the indoor five years ago. Apollo changed gaits, turned, stopped, backed-up— and I saw Bonnie do nothing. How I longed to ride like that!