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Today I set myself to use the Sore No More. Jilli uses it. Both Apollo and I love the smell. He thinks it might taste good. Supposedly, if the body needs it, the liniment will suds a little on that area of the body. So I went to his sacral area. No fizz. Went to his right flank: fizz and he kicked forward under his body!

Went to work on him, by way of working in the liniment. I wonder if the bugs like the smell also.

Eating sprinkled hay

The patterns of wet on his flank track both the underlying discomfort and where I worked on him. Nothing forward of his elbow (today).

The grasshoppers are still hopping and flying their short distances, and their open wings are flamboyant, compared to the rest of them. Makes them look entirely differently in flight as on the ground.

Grasshopper in flight