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Spoke with Jilli today, and thought about Val in Bedlam, and triaged the Bedlam pictures, getting ready to post some for Val and Chuck to see, and contact with the life I so recently left made me feel disoriented.

I am happy to be here, to have turned November into May, and I feel so fortunate, and perhaps guilty for the good fortune, and maybe still feeling that uprootedness started when I left Northampton in 2009, and reinforced when I left Montana, just as roots were taking hold. I am not sure why I continue to wander, though I do know why I did what I did with Apollo, and coming to work with Jilli, but still, I feel… is it just insecure? Far from those who know me best, and with whom I feel at no risk of misunderstanding.

And I find myself playing the brash American a little bit. Not sure why. And yes, practice is my home.