This morning a couple of men came to the house to look at what needs to be done for yardwork, in trade for Jodie starting a young mare. We walked around the house and through the orchard, and Sasha barked from inside the house. She has fear-aggression issues, was rescued as a puppy from a puppy mill. The two men were clearly scared of her, had asked me to accompany them, even though Sasha was inside the house. I don’t blame them. She looks fierce when she is yelling at strangers.

She rears up and pounces at the window.

Afterwards, there were two puddles on the family room floor. Sasha is usually a camel, accustomed to being alone inside the house while her person is at work. I felt a rush of tenderness for her. It had not occurred to me that the barking and frenzy on the outside mirrored such overpowering distress on the inside.