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After a bodywork session

Almost spring again, after our third winter together, and his first winter free of the stables.

Apollo gets a bowl each time I see him, so not seven days a week, and that recipe is now the following:

2–3 T mixed powdered vitex and hawthorn berries
1–2 C each nettle and oatstraw
BL solution, dosed for 800–850 lbs.
water sufficient to soak the herbs

I let that soak, and then right before feeding add in:

A cup and a half or so of ground flax seed, chia seed, and probiotics (Equerry)

I would consider giving him beet pulp only if I could find organic beet pulp. Commercially grown beets get a lot of pesticide application, so even though I believe the people who tell me how great beet pulp has been for their horses, I will not feed it to mine. And it’s so clearly a cast-off by-product here. The organic beet flakes Gina feeds her horses in Ireland looks like food.