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Trim lesson

Casey took us through trimming Xodo’s hind feet, one for each of us. It was hard! I am not strong enough to make a cut with the nippers on my own. Jillian is, and this picture is of her.

The drill is: look at the foot, lay the rasp down the vertical center and look some more, address the bars first, then the corn seed (or is it seed-of-corn?), then the walls, then the frog— and all of this is with nippers, a bonsai tool for the bars, the rest with the big ones— then the rasp, addressing the highest point first, and doing the beveling and roll last of all.

The hardest part beyond the nipper is any of the work done with the hind leg forward, on the hoofjack or not. Jillian did all her nipper work standing, and I did most of it sitting on a bucket, bracing his foot on my thigh.

Xodo was a champ! Totally patient. And this is a horse who used to have to be restrained (lip chain, I think Jillian said) for a trim. He is a total love bug now.