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I went to the ranch today with a plan in mind, to work with Xnobre again, to groom Arainha, and all sorts of things got in the way, not excuses, but reasons.

Refund was in his stall, which meant anyone coming out or in went past him, and Coda was in the indoor arena. Which both seem totally trivial now, and what on earth am I there for if not to push my envelope?

But for whatever my own internal reasons, I let those things stop me. And maybe I felt a little off anyway. I don’t know. Plus a friend of mine back east called on the phone having a moment and really needed to talk.

And then all of sudden the turkeys and the pea hen were flapping around the paddocks, a horse was spooking, and two dogs were chasing the birds.

So I got not much else done besides chores and a little bit of love in the paddock. I checked everyone, and feet, and found a crack on the front of Xodo’s right front hoof. I texted a picture to Jillian and KC, and asked Steph to come take a look. She was not alarmed, but said she will keep an eye on it. KC got back to me way later with instructions for care, and when I asked was it critical care, said it wasn’t, just cosmetic. Phew! I have no experience with hoof cracks. But looking at the picture again, I can see other little cracks, so I will of course worry.

Hoof crack

Also found out that Xnobre likes being groomed with the Bounceware curry! He half closed his eyes.