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Apollo and Cameron

With a most welcome infusion of videos and pictures of Apollo/Squire came this email from Jocelyn:

“…I’m going to make a book on each pony. So Squire will have his own story book! I feel that these lesson ponies are so special they should all be immortalized somehow. Squire is so PERFECT!!!! I think he is secretly a saint or angel.

The little boy in this video / pictures has multiple disorders. He lives in a hospital. His time with Squire is his moment to come out to the real world, and where he shines. His mom would love him to live at Devon Ridge. She said to me last week that his couple hours with Squire on Sundays has more beneficial effect than all the doctors and medication he gets the rest of the week. So that is how special Squire is to Cameron.

The other little girl that rides Squire has autism and it’s a similar story.

He has made an astounding impression on two young people that can’t even be measured. I’m so proud to even have these children and Squire and see the magic that is happening before my eyes.”