Freedom in America

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what does freedom mean to you? (let’s wait so the riff-raff that question chases away can leave us to it)


As a born, raised, travels-widely-and-still-comes-back American, I have the right– no! the duty! to weigh in on this idea of freedom

We Americans take as Gospel that we are free, but are we? and What do we count as freedoms?

We’ll wait while the rest of the riff-raff leave. .

Our credo somehow supports not caring any more than the breath it takes to pretend we do care about anyone else’s freedom but in the end consent to the gov’t NOT caring about the freedoms of anyone but [fill in the blank]

That is the bill of goods gov’t sells us while selling us out to … you know it! say it with me now!… the fat cats sucking all the rest of us dry and getting us to like it.