George Carlin has something to say about Liberty in America.


Covid-19 politics: Trump supporters think it is a badge of liberty to wear no mask out in public. “I’m not scared of a little germ! And so what if I get sick? So what? It won’t kill ME!! It won’t KILL me!”


But masks help and require no great sacrifice, nor an economic shut down. And for you actual followers of Jesus out there, wearing a mask demonstrates care for your neighbor.


Maybe I’ll just go out and find a group of fat possibly diabetic older people and we’ll all get into an elevator and I can breathe into their faces. Or maybe I’ll stand next to them in Church. See what happens. Just a little germ.


In America today MY freedom is so much more important than YOUR freedom. Meanwhile, the gov’t cares about no freedom for anyone but the freedom for the already rich to continue raking it in, and then pay as little taxes as possible. The fat cats are taking us all for a ride.


Enter Donald J Trump, a fat cat of low character, running for president. He tells us the fat cats are milking us dry, and that he alone can fix it. Then he milks us dry, and blames everyone else! But we KNEW he was a Fat Cat, didn’t we?




‘Lo and behold, he won, because he was running against someone people mistrusted even more than they mistrusted him, and he was more fun to watch, let’s face it. Always entertaining.


Yeah: Kind of like watching a car wreck. I want to look away but can’t.


After four years, I for one had have enough.


I don’t WANT to hear any more about what a victim he is, of the press, of the opposition. About how everyone against him is sick and corrupt and a hater.


Hey, Donald: I know you are, but what am I?


I am just plain flat out TIRED of his nonsense. He’s done the worst possible thing a Donald could do: he’s gotten boring. Loser.


Go away, Donald. Enough is enough.


Enough is enough!