Green Lynx spider

Slider with alias spider eating not found.

Cedar Creek, Texas 2015

Summer 2015 there were four Zipper spiders hanging out in corners outside the kitchen porch. I never went out there, and if I did, came back soon and fast. one morning before dawn, there was a ruckus outside the kitchen door. It was still dark and all I could catch was a sense of dire struggle. After it got light and I was up, I remembered and looked out to find a bright green spider with red eyes perched atop the sole remaining Zipper spider, having won what must have been their life and death struggle this morning when it was still dark.

This image was taken close to the end of the meal, which took a day and a half. the Zipper spider is already almost entirely deflated, sucked of all her juices. The Lynx soon dropped her empty body to the ground and left.