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This month Apollo will go to Canada to start a new life. I worry by nature, but I think all will be well.

Apollo might truly have an excellent life there. The woman into whose hands I will give his care says she is thrilled to have him come, and understands that he needs a gentle life. She says all her lesson horses were once show horses and now work but lightly. It could be that he will have a life as a schoolmaster for beginners. And there are lots of other Connemaras.

A schoolmaster horse (in my rudimentary understanding) takes on the role of teacher to their rider, and a schoolmaster for beginners would understand that their rider is new, and in need of tolerance. And Apollo has a soft spot for young girls.

He would help teach new riders how to be with their horse, how to share movement with the horse and direct that movement with neither force nor fear.

I hope to visit there in September, when he has had time to settle in, and if he is unhappy, or in pain, I will take him in again. But I will imagine the best!