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Apollo is in Canada. He left last Sunday just before two in the afternoon, and arrived at Devonridge Farm some time on Tuesday, “in good spirits.”

Here he is on the truck, already making friends, totally chill. And here is the truck leaving for Canada.

It is a gamble, sending him up there, but I trust the skills and care of the woman who has taken him on.

The gamble is whether or not he is willing psychologically to do what she has in mind for him, and whether or not he is physically up to it. I think both are possible, and that if he does fit in there, he will have a very good life indeed. As good as I have done my best to give him, gaining in horse companionship and multiple human contacts what he perhaps has lost in closeness with me.

I say “perhaps” because some days he feels quite connected emotionally, and some days remote, and even after all our time together, I am unable to read how much the particularness of me matters to him. I think it is more likely that the caring and care and close attention does not depend upon me, but can come to him from anyone, or combination of ones.

As Gina says: fingers crossed! We have come such a long way together, and he is as far as possible restored to his best self.